The Dirt Time Trackers get together for events and gatherings. So, what’s the difference?

An event is usually a day long activity and a gathering usually spans a couple of days or an entire weekend.

For more information about events and gatherings, see the Q & A section that follows the Events Schedule.

Events with specific dates are set.
Others remain tentative.
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There are no events scheduled at this time.

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Questions & Answers About Events & Gatherings

What is the purpose for getting together?
Most often there is a theme or a specific objective for an event or gathering. See the specific event information for more details.

How often does the Group get together?
We do our best to get together for an event or gathering every two months. If there are lots of good ideas and opportunities to get together, we will!

Who can come to these events?
Anyone who shares our vision, has an interest in our event focus and is willing to participate. However, don’t just show up. Please be courteous and RSVP with your intentions. All ages, including children, are generally welcome. See the specific event information regarding any age limitations.

Who is in charge?
Members volunteer to organize an event from a pool of ideas generated by the group. Each event will have an organizer. This simplifies communication and helps facilitate the event in a smooth fashion. The organizer may also be the host. Sometimes, an event organizer will use someone else’s home or another location entirely to host an event. See the specific event information for details.

Where are these Events/Gatherings held?
Most events are held in places of nature or where ever our topic is best suited. We may use Provincial Parks, Conservation Areas, Nature Trails and the like to facilitate an event. For gatherings, a group member usually opens their home and invites folks to stay for the weekend. Often, there is enough room to stay in the home. If space is an issue, you may be asked to pitch a tent and camp on their property for the weekend. See the specific gathering information for all the details.

What do you do about meals?
On a 1-day event, everyone would be individually responsible for their own food and water requirements unless planned otherwise. For a weekend gathering, people are asked to bring food to share pot-luck style. You would base the amount of food to bring on the length of your stay. If you’re unsure what to bring, you can always call the event organizer and ask what is needed.

Directions and Transportation
In most cases, the event organizer or the host will provide directions or make a map available to direct you. The group meets all over Southern Ontario so access to a vehicle is advantageous.

Liability and Risk
The event/gathering organizer and/or the owner of the property you may be using take no responsibility for your actions or your safety. All participants do so at their own risk. Adults who bring children or minors are fully responsible for the care of the children or minors under their charge.